Working on new designs

Been working on some new stag & doe ticket designs today, and it’s such a different process from what I’m used to. Typically I work with the couple and they tend to already have an idea of what they’re looking for. To build up my portfolio and really freshen things up, I’m trying to create some clean and simple designs, but I’m actually finding it somewhat challenging to work without specific guidelines. It’s funny, because I feel like my creativity should come from an unrestricted place, but I think having guidelines gives me more focus. I have so many ideas right now that I keep bouncing between them all without fully completing each one. Might be time to turn off the computer for the night and get some rest.

New things coming!

Soon I’ll be launching a new website and business specifically focused on designing wedding & event stationery – I’ll be designing wedding & event invitations, stag and doe tickets, seating charts and table cards, as well as other stationery items. I’m also going to be selling custom-made  gifts such as photo collages and wedding favours. My current site will now serve as more of a personal blog with links to my business venture(s).
This has been a long time coming and I’ve finally decided to focus my energy on my creative side and do something I’m passionate about. Putting myself and my business out there is going to be scary, but I definitely owe it to myself to work hard and try something new!
Lots of exciting things coming soon 🙂